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About Us

  • We are one of the oldest companies working in the field of boilers and lighters, manufacturing diesel and bitumen tanks, annual boilers overhaul, changing pipes, and welds repairing.

  • The company carried out many works for public sector companies, petroleum sector, food industry sector, and spinning and weaving sector.

  • The company works to meet the customer needs. The company also works in the manufacture of hot water boilers for swimming pools and villas.

  • The company provides all spare parts such as water level measuring devices, auto ignition transmitters, Solenoid valve operating program (gas - solar), Honeywell Pressure Transmitters, and photovoltaic cells.


"The company does not have any other branches or other partners"

Company Profile
  • The company works in the field of maintenance and manufacturing of boilers.

  • Supplying new steam boilers .

  • Supplying thermal oil boilers.

  • Supplying hot water boilers.

  • Supplying all boiler spare parts.

  • Manufacturing steam boilers, metal oil boilers, and high quality local made water boilers.

  • Supplying all type of Italian diesel and gas lighters

  • Supplying all spare parts for diesel lighters and gas lighters.

  • All types of valves (steam - mineral oil - water).

  • Solar pumps - thermal oil pumps - multi-stage water pumps.

  • Replacing the sets pipes of the steam boilers and water boilers.

  • Manufacturing and replacing of boiler thermal oil coils.

Our Services
  • Alex Trade is one of the oldest companies in the field of manufacturing and maintaining steam boilers, water, oil and lighters

  • Changing the sets of coil boilers for the oil boiler.

  • Supplying thermal oil pumps, steam traps and oil traps.

  • Protection and safety devices (Safety - Pressure).

  • Team work at the highest level to do annual maintenance and overhaul and repair faults.

Company Projects

  • Alexandria Oil Company.

  • Egypt Petroleum Company.

  • Family Company for Real Estate Investment.

  • Nobaved Feed Company.

  • The International Company for Egg Processing.

  • The United Company for Road Construction and Paving.

  • Mohammed Abbas Company for Road Construction and Paving.

  • Ebad Al-Rahman Company for Road Construction and Paving.

  • Safaa Al Tabakh Company for Road Construction and Paving.

  • Al-Amal Company for Road Construction and Paving.

  • Alexandria Company for Metal Industries and Trade.

  • El Mahrousa Hotel.

  • Al-Safa Company for Vegetable Oil Extraction.

  • Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University.

  • Al Hilal Knitting.

  • Sky Textile Industries Company.

  • El Alamein for printing and feed industry.

  • Alexandria for sweets and chocolate.

  • El Masreya and El Espaniya Food Production.

  • Montrade Company for Agricultural Development.

  • Armored Officers House Hotel

  • Mustafa Kamel Military Hospital

  • Tulip North Coast Hotel

  • Roxys North Coast Hotel

  • Arab Contractors Company

  • The family company for real estate investment

  • Masader Industry Company

  • Green Food Company

  • Al Yusr Company for Environmental Services

  • Alexandria Company for Construction and Road Paving

  • Sam Ocean Company

  • Pharaonic Pharmaceutical Company

  • Al Ekhlas Feed Company

  • Cotton Club Company

  • Advina Company

  • Ethna Food Industries Company

  • Abu Danjal Company for the manufacture of feed

  • Al-Hamad Company for Paper Products

  • Al-Ahram Printing and Packaging Company

  • Casablanca Cardboard

  • B&G Company for Concentrates and Juices

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