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  • Steam boiler suppliers (import - local).

  • Hot water boilers suppliers (import - local).

  • Thermal oil boilers suppliers (import - local).

  • Boiler annual overhaul, boiler pipe work replaced and the main flame pipe are carried out by a team of competent technicians in the field of boiler repair.

  • Manufacturing bitumen and serpentine tanks, thermal insulation, and steam, diesel and water network.

Boiler spare parts

  • Thermostat (digital / roller).

  • (enda / emko / eliwell).

  • Level Control, steam traps, valves and saving valves.

  • Pneumatic valves, pneumatic, and safety valve.

  • boilers electrical panels

  • Alparchir acetate (Honeywell).

  • Floaters ((gell / mobry / ayvaz.

  • Float ball (mobry).

  • Float contact (mobry).

  • Manometers (pakkens).

قطع الغيار

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